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KBS Bachelor's Programme for Undergraduates

Founded in 2007, Knutsford Business School is a diverse learning community offering a unique undergraduate, graduate and professional programmes in the liberal arts and social sciences education.


The School  provides well-rounded, thorough, rigorous and practical-oriented business and management degree programmes relevant to national, continental and global development. Each programme curriculum covers a range of academic and professional disciplines that prepare students to meet the demands of a continually changing global economy. The programmes also deal with the complex human and technological dynamics that form the core of today’s global business activity. Currently, the School offers a Master in Busine Administration and Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with various specialisation options.


The programmes are designed for students who wish to build scholarly professional careers in business and management-related fields and/ or work as: Entrepreneurs, General Managers/Administrators, Accountants, Financial Controllers, Marketers and Strategists, Bankers, Auditors, Business Analysts/Advisors/Consultants, Project Managers, Corporate Legal Advisors/Secretaries, Organisation leaders, HR Managers, Investment/Fund/Bank Managers, Stockbrokers and Public Servants in any national, multinational or global firm.

Offering you Professional Business Skills

Real-world Results. Knutsford Business School programmes offer an elevated educational experience that combines real-world knowledge, leading-edge research and practical applications to empower students to become leaders and executives to achieve sustained success and to enable our business community to grow and prosper.


Open Enrollment Programmes in Progress

Take a course in any of our KBS programmes today. We have Business Administration Degree Courses and workshops for you to build your business skills and leadership capabilities.

For Entrepreneurs

Custom Programmes

Custom programming designed to support your organization reach its goals and deliver real-world results.

For Organizations

Governance Programmes

Programmes explore corporate governance and foster excellence in directorship.

Why Knutsford Business School?

Knutsford Business School is anchored in the core values of integrity and innovation and is dedicated to shaping the best in students that will drive meaningful, positive changes in their careers, organizations, and communities.

We offer a wide continuum of full-time and part-time MBA programmes, Bachelor's, and Specilized Certificate programmes both on campus and online.

Expect More of Knutsford Business School Online


Our programmes are designed for busy adults. Go to school wherever and whenever is best for you, on the device of your choice.


Your education journey at KBS is our priority and our student support team has your back every step of the way.


Everything you learn in our online classrooms is relevant and immediately applicable to your work.


Learn from practitioner faculty working in the field, with real-world experience and knowledge.

Meet Our Expects

Prof. Paul Buatsi
Prof. Paul Buatsi
Visiting Professor

Professor in Marketing and International Business

Dr Kwadade Cudjoe
Dr Kwadade Cudjoe
Expect in MIS and Business Technology

Over 30years of experience in engineering and manufacturing.

MSc. Governance and Leadership.

Dr. Ashaford Goku
Dr. Ashaford Goku
Expect in Accounting and Finance

10 years of experience in Public Personnel Administration.

PhD. in Human Resource Management.

Mr. Nana Atuobi Yiadom
Mr. Nana Atuobi Yiadom
Expect in Marketing
Mr. John Damoah
Mr. John Damoah
Expect in HR

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